We strive to provide beautiful, healthy roses at a competitive price.  Rose bushes do require care throughout the season.  Weekly inspections and occasional spray treatments may be necessary to maintain a beautiful plant.  Come in and talk with us about any of your rose problems.  We have several products to help your roses flourish all season long.  For pictures and descriptions of all of our roses, visit our suppliers at www.davidaustinroses.com or www.certifiedrose.com.


♦ Large flowers generally borne one per stem
♦ Medium to tall habit
♦ Long cutting stem


♦ Long canes can be trained along fences & walls
♦ Variable flower size, form and mature habit



♦ Small flowers
♦ Proportionately smaller foliage, often very compact in habit
♦ Stems are also shorter but still suitable for cutting


♦ Large flowers borne in clusters
♦ Usually taller
♦ Individual stems within cluster are suitable for cutting


♦ Free-blooming plants with differing flower sizes and forms
♦ Broadly varying in mature size
♦ Usually good disease resistance and hardiness


♦ Maintenance free plants will spread vigorously over slopes and banks
♦ Bloom continually all season.


♦ Medium sized flowers mostly borne in clusters
♦ Often more compact in habit
♦ Medium length stem


♦ English rose, hybridized by David Austin
♦ Old rose form arching habit and irresistible fragrance 



♦ Provides spectacular interest in landscapes
♦ Will need extra support when planted.