2021 Hybrid Tea Roses & Grandifloras

Hybrid Tea & Grandifloras – Large well-formed blossoms, sturdy stems. Hybrid Teas are single blossoms known for their large flowers generally borne one per long stem on medium to tall bushes from 4’ to 6’ varying by variety and nicely fragrant. Grandifloras are roses with cluster blossoms.

Variety Fragrance Color
Blue Girl Moderate fruity Silvery Lilac-Lavender
Chicago Peace Light Pink with Canary Yellow
Chrysler Imperial
Intense damask rose Velvety dark red
Color Magic Intense fruity Full spectrum of Pinks
Dolly Parton Intense clove & rose Orange-red
Double Delight Strong spicy rose Creamy white blushing strawberry red
Forever Yours™ Moderate Bright red
Fragrant Cloud Strong sweet spice / rose Deep coral-red, orange
Henry Fonda Light sweet Deep yellow
Julie Andrews™ Strong Intense fuchsia-pink
Kordes Perfecta
Intense Cream flushed w/crimson
Love & Peace™
Mild Soft yellows and blushing pinks
Medallion Moderate fruity Golden apricot
Miranda Lambert™
Intense rose & fruit Sexy hot pink
Miss All-American Beauty
Intense Rosy pink
Mister Lincoln
Intense damask rose Velvety red
New Day
Intense Bright yellow
Moderate fruity Silvery lavender w/ruby edge
Light White
Light fruity Creamy-Yellow flushed with Pink
Sunny Sky™
Moderate Pure yellow
Variety Fragrance Color
Dick Clark
Moderate cinnamon apple Cream & Cherry blushed Burgundy
New Year Light Orange to golden yellow
Light tea Orange, salmon pink & coral
Strick It Rich™
Strong fruit & spice Gold and rosy pink
2021 Floribunda Roses

Floribunda – Free flowering, beautiful clusters of medium-sized blooms on medium length stems; usually 3’ to 4’ tall varying by variety.  Nicely fragrant, excellent disease resistance, vigorous growers, and compact habit.

Variety Fragrance Color
Angel Face
Intense lemon Deep mauve-lavender, flushed ruby
Belinda’s Dream
Moderate raspberry Medium pink
Camille Pissarro™
Mild apple Striped red, yellow, pink, cream
First Impression®
Mild licorice Bright yellow
Sunbeam™ Veranda®
Mild Blazing yellow
White Lies™
Light Open white turning red-maroon

Climbers – Vigorous grower, height range 6-14′, producing various size blossoms. Best with support.

Variety Fragrance Color
Light Fiery red
Golden Showers
Moderate sweet Daffodil-yellow
Joseph’s Coat
Light Multicolored orange, yellow, pink, red
New Year
Light Spanish orange and golden yellow
Sally Holmes
Light Pure white
 Zephrine Drouhin
Strong damask Cerise pink

Mini-Flora – Small flowered with proportionately small foliage. Shorter stems still suitable for cutting.

Variety Fragrance Color
At Last
Intense roe Apricot peach
Flawless™ Strong Pastel pink
OSO Easy Italian Ice® None Yellow with pink blush
OSO Easy Lemon Zest® None Canary yellow
OSO Easy Peasy® None Vivid hue of dragon fruit

Shrub Roses – Full busy habit produces flowers of varying size, generally disease resistant and cold hardy.

Variety Fragrance Color
Alfred Sisley™
Mild Orange & yellow striped
Alfred Sisley™ Moderate Striped red, pink on cream
Lemon Fizz
Light Deep yellow non-fading
Miracle on the Hudson™
Mild Beautiful red
Ringo None Changing yellow to white Centers red to pink
The Double Knock-Out® None Cherry Red
The Peach Drift® Rose None Soft peach
The Pink Drift® Rose None Bubblegum pink
The Sweet Drift® Rose None Clear pink double blossom

Ground-Cover Roses – Shrub rose with a more spreading habit. Great for low growing mass plantings.