The Importance of Custom Fertilizers

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by Shelley Whisman, Romence Gardens, Inc.

At Romence Gardens, Inc., we are very proud of our 4/5 step fertilizer program. Since Michigan soils are low in potash, you really need a fertilizer that is formulated for local conditions. We have formulated our own premium brand for local conditions. We have formulated our own premium brand for the last thirty to thirty-five years to specifically address these conditions. Only our fertilizer, available exclusively at 9600 Sharver Rd., Portage, MI is formulated for the soils in Southwest Michigan.

Forty to forty-five years ago, our customers brought in soil test results they got back from Michigan State Agriculture. Almost all the results said the soil was lacking potash. At the time, we only had potash in 5 lb. bags. If someone wanted to apply potash to their whole lawn, it would take several bags. In those days, we were selling Scotts, Wondergrow, and Greenview fertilizer brands, which only had 1 or 2% potash in them. A decade later, Wondergrow came out with a fertilizer called Golfers Pride. We really liked it because Golfers Pride had 7% potash plus seven or eight other trace elements such as iron, zinc, calcium, manganese and others. It turned out to be a very good product for us. Customers found that their lawns appreciated the extra potash and trace elements, and the product became one of our top sellers.

One day, three man all dressed up in suits came in to thank us for our business. They said we were the only customers that found the real value behind the product and because of that, they had to discontinue that brand. I decided right there and then that I would find a fertilizer company that would make the fertilizer the way we wanted it. Now we are at approximately 42 tons of this fertilizer and growing.

For your lawn to be green, thick and healthy, it must be supplied with nitrogen and other major and minor nutrients. The national “name brand” 4-step fertilizer programs are made to supply the major nutrients generally needed anywhere in the country, and do not contain some of the essential micro-nutrients at all. In order to make sure we are serving the needs of our customers in our community, our proprietary fertilizer contains exactly the nutrients our Southwest Michigan lawns need. Our best-kept secret is our special secondary nutrient package. This is how your lawn becomes the envy of the neighborhood.

Many of our customers choose to leave their fertilizer here at the store and pick it up when it is time to supply it; we offer this storage service free of charge. We tell you when to apply each step, how to apply and what to do afterward. We have a schedule with instructions all printed out. Why pay hundreds of dollars in labor for someone else to apply when you can do it for free in just a few minutes. Come see us and we will help.

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