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Climbing, David Austin, & Shrub at Romence Gardens

Climbing roses grow 6’ to 14’ depending on variety.  They offer the perfect backdrop in your landscape.  When space is at a premium, go vertical.

British hybridizer, David Austin has created these roses with the scent and gently arching form of Old World roses, with the hardiness, reliability and repeated blooming of modern varieties.

Shrub roses offer a riot of trouble-free color all season long.  Both low growing 2’-3’ plants and taller 4’-5’ varieties are available.  Truly effortless with a big reward.

Variety Fragrance Color Awards
All Ablaze ™ Slight spice Medium cherry red
Golden Showers Strong tea rose Daffodil yellow AARS Winner -“The highest honor for garden roses”
High Society Light damask Deep pink
Joseph’s Coat Light sweet Red-yellow blend
New Dawn Slight Soft pink
Scent from Above Licorice Golden yellow
Social Climber Spicy Deep pink